SoKM: Why?

We believe that since everybody gets to be a part of the supernatural ministry of Jesus, everybody should have the opportunity to be trained; and trained well.

In 2011, we started a ministry training school aimed at the everyday believers at our home church of The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. We saw God do incredible things as believers walked into new levels of maturity and empowering of the Spirit.

We saw that God was calling us to start a new kind of ministry training school; one that wasn't based on moving to a specific place or training under a specific leader, but one that was realistically on the table for the soccer mom, the high school student and the retiree. Not only that, but we felt God tell us to make it accessible for churches ranging in size from 50 to 5,000 to easily be a part.

In the last six years, we have trained thousands of students and raised up hundreds of leaders all over the world. God has taken our humble beginnings and magnified them far beyond what we could have possibly imagined.

Is it your dream to sink your teeth into the ministry of the Spirit at your church? Do you want to continually develop leaders and practitioners who passionately walk in the supernatural power of Jesus in an everyday basis? If so, School of Kingdom Ministry is what you're looking for.

SoKM: What?

School of Kingdom Ministry is run as a program hosted by churches. While there is video teaching, the majority of the experience is led live by local leaders that we will train. The result is a supernatural training experience that is easy to run and empowering for your church.

The classes meet once a week for three hours. There are just under thirty classes, and they fit the school year calendar well, but that is not required for the hosting churches. Each class consists of three major elements:


We provide a high quality video teaching curriculum focused on discipleship and power ministry that guides students into a deeper understanding of their faith.


Your leaders take their students through a series of activities that give the Holy Spirit room to move and activate the students in gifts of the Spirit in a hands-on way.


Students put what they are learning into practice in the ministry contexts that exist in your church. This variety of experiences will stretch and grow every student.

We've seen this experience stretch and grow students from every age, ethnicity and walk of life. Their mindset truly begins to change as they see the world differently and live a more Spirit-empowered life.

SoKM: How?

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