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Monthly Resource: Why?

The local church

is meant to be the starting point for our journey into the things of the kingdom. We learn to do relationship, to study the Bible and pray. To give to others, share our faith and forgive. It is through this family that God intends to grow us up into everything that He has for us.

For that reason, we love to work with local churches. We love to hear what burns in the hearts of local church pastors and leaders and the vision God has given them for their church families and the community God has planted them in.

For the last five years, Kingdom Labs has been partnering with local churches to train and equip believers to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. As time went on, we looked around and realized that we couldn't find anyone who was helping pastors steward the vision God had given them for Holy Spirit ministry and learn how to cultivate this part of the calling in their church. We realized that while there is a growing amount of ministry training available, few people are pouring into leaders and training them in their job in leading a community that ministers in the supernatural gifts.

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We want to be part

of the solution, not just identify the problem. Since we began partnering with local churches, we have collaboratively delivered over 200,000 hours of training. Along the way, we've learned some things about how leadership can move their community towards their goals in the area of the Spirit effectively.

We believe the ministry of the Holy Spirit is meant for everyone, but it doesn't happen that way accidentally. God has called us as leaders to be intentional about creating environments and outlets that help people learn, grow, and take risks in this area - and that is what our monthly resource is all about We pray this simple resource can help you reach all God has called your church to be.

Monthly Resource: What?

Our monthly resource is an easy step you can take to begin to invest in your own growth in your leader in this area. We know as leaders we all have a lot to do, but continued investment in a low time-commitment manner will make a big difference. In our monthly resources, we will:

  • Continue to explore your role as a leader in cultivating Holy Spirit ministry in your community.
  • Learn concrete action steps you can do to facilitate an environment of risk taking and learning.
  • Discover how to integrate the pursuit of Holy Spirit ministry throughout church life.

Every month we will send you an email with some training or a resource dedicated to helping you learn and grow as a leader responsible for a church pursuing the ministry of the Spirit. We promise never to be spammy or annoying; we just want to help pass along what we've learned to leaders who will find it helpful. We have a few products we've developed that some churches will find helpful - and if that's you, great. If not, that's no problem too.

When you sign up for the monthly resource, we will start by sending you a five-day course called Cultivating Holy Spirit Ministry. After that, we will send you a resource once a month.

Monthly Resource: How?

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