Grow Classes: Why?

Jesus has called us to make disciples of all nations. A major part of the church's mission is discipling as many people as we can! With the challenges of leading a church, it is easy for discipleship to take a backseat focus because it is not as urgent as other things.

With the technological tools now available, we believe it's possible to make discipleship easier and more effective than it's ever been. The Grow Classes take the strengths of the digital age and make discipleship fit more naturally in our modern lives.

Grow Classes: What?

Our Grow Classes are designed to empower discipleship with the click of a mouse. We've developed these classes around the idea of being deployed through a home group system. Just enter the group leader's email address and they will be granted access to take their group through the class.

All our classes are interactive and feature helpful teaching, thoughtful discussion topics and learning exercises. We help focus home group setting as an interactive discipleship environment.

Current Grow Courses:

Ministry Prayer (currently available!)
Participants will learn how to practically pray for other people using a simple five-step prayer model and be equipped to partner with the Holy Spirit in a naturally supernatural way.

Understanding the Bible (in production)
Participants will learn basic principles of Biblical interpretation and work through the Biblical story from beginning to end in order to understand the broader story.

Grow Classes: How?

Our first Grow class: Ministry Prayer is now available! This five session course takes your small group or training class through a framework of understanding healing and a simple five-step prayer model that will teach you to effectively pray for the sick.

Grow classes are purchased on a per-view basis with two options:

Per-session Purchase: you purchase one iteration of a Grow class.

This option is ideal for a small group or study class that wants to go through a Grow course.

Distribution License: an annual license to distribute as many iterations of one Grow class as you'd like.

This option is ideal for churches who want to use Grow as a basic discipleship training system.